Enjoy Germany!

Enjoy Germany!

Welcome at Varloh B&B

Welcome at Varloh B&B


Varloh & Surroundings

Varloh is called the first time in the year 1146. The name Varloh is made up of FAR, what s means (= Faroe Islands sheep Island) and LO, LOH also LA some bushes/forest means. So Varloh can be translated as a sheep meadow with forest and bushes. In our B & B offers you a wonderful time, where you can fully relax and enjoy all that Varloh and its beautiful surroundings have to offer.

Water sports

Emsland is also a wonderful area for water sports. Central to the area is the town of Geeste (3 km) with the water sports area. The Lake of Geeste between Lingen and Meppen was in the 80 years of the twentieth century as cooling water basin for the twelve kilometres from Lingen nuclear power plant. Furthermore, the nearby Dankernsee also very suitable for families with children.


Unwind from the busy rhythm of everyday life and enjoy in the beautiful Emsland the quiet walks. Our B & B is centrally located adjacent to a large and beautiful forest where fine can be hiked through dense coniferous forest and along vast fields with beautiful panoramic views. Well prepared on the road is important because not always can be counted on a good signage.


Just across the border and yet away from it all. That is the area in Emsland, Germany that at the East end of the arm of the Dollard. An area where especially cyclists and boaters on their hearts. Places you hear only birds chirping, but also nationally known attractions. Take the Baroque hunting Castle Clemenswerth. If only for the famous gardens with star-shaped avenues you would go there.